Saturday, 24 May 2008

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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Age-Old Australians at Brink of losing Top ODI Spot

So the recent CB Series loss against the Indians was more than just a loss. Being beaten by the latest rivals in more ways than one in a best-of-3 finals. At their own home, just to add. The question floating around the cricket world is that have the Aussies finally started to go downhill?

Aussies are at the brink of losing their Best ODI team in the world status to South Africa who's task at hand is to clean-sweep the Bangladesh team which shouldn't be too hard to do. We should be able to see South Africa finally make it to the top after a long struggle. Lets hope they get there.

But the questions being asked are only natural as well. I read something on age being a problem for Aussies with the average age being 32. I think thats been the average age for them since the last 12 years and they have won world cups with the same. So, that is something that shouldn't really be questioned. I mean would they have performed better with younger players in the team? I don't think so.

Ponting and Symonds are by the far better than many youngsters around and its only because they couldn't fire on the day of the finals was the issue. Its difficult to pin-point anybody based on a single series defeat but the high standards that the Aussies set, leads the media to do the same. This leads to questions asked on every loss. Its almost like they are inhuman and everybody expects them to win every day. There is no doubt that they have been tested in the recent past and its not easy to be the best for so long.

I don't think there is any lack of talent, or strategy or leadership or age for that matter. Its just that they are now getting a little more human. They have had an unbelievable run and its only because of some very high standards in all facets of the game. I don't think its they who have got down on the standards. Its more about the other teams who have brought their standards up and while doing that, I think they have been able to beat them also.

Its a good phase in cricket history and the top place is up for grabs. I can see South Africa, Sri Lanka and even India in many ways closing in on the top.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Sania Mirza - With all the HUFF & PUFF

Sania Mirza is the Indian tennis revolution and does have the potential to be bigger than Leander Paes & Mahesh Bhupathi who weren't really great singles players. They were a marvelous doubles team but at last India do have someone who could be their singles tennis superstar.

Sania's career hasn't really got off to the start she would have dreamed but she has won some matches and does hold as respectable spot in the rankings, only improving.

Recently she was involved in a bit of controversy with disrespecting the Indian Flag. She could have been a little more careful but the way this issue was just blasted in proportions was something that didn't do much for her image. Also being a Muslim and wearing unacceptable clothes as per the religion had a few Islamic criticism following her as well.

She really needed a boost and with her recent exit from the Dubai Open Championships 2008, its going back to the drawing board for her. She lost to the No.4 seed, Jelena Jankovic, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4. It wasn't exactly a roll-over and die scenario but she didn't look at her best.

She has such a big fan following in Dubai considering its not only the Indians but other Asians who look at her as the Asian revolution in a lot of ways. She did disappointed a lot of fans who will not watch any further as the spice is out of the tournament.

Saying all that, many tennis players still believe she has potential to get into the top 10. Maybe less controversy and more quality tennis is the call for the day. Otherwise, Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis are some good examples of what could happen to a potential good career amidst controversies.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Ponting worth $400,000

In an auction where Symonds went easily above a million and Brett Less near a million, Ricky Ponting could only fetch $400,000. Yes, I am talking about the recent IPL auctions. I was wondering why the top captain in the world and definitely one of the best batsmen on the current cricket scene didn't fetch a bargain.

I believe a big reason of this might be his recent form. He hasn't been in the best of form in the last few games. It might also be because he may not bring the Indian crowds to the game as much a Symonds would. People would love to see some HUGE hitting and Ponting somehow doesn't sell that big-hitter image.

Plus he is not really an all-rounder which is an asset in 20-20. Those might be few of the reasons of his low big. A similar figure was there for Mike Hussey. I guess again, missing all-rounder characteristic might have done them there.

Saying all that, if somebody asks me my view on IPL or ICL or anything of the sort....I would say no from the start till the end. I am a true traditionalist who would enjoy a 5-day game more than any of the shorter versions. The game of cricket that was, will only loose its charm and quality with each step into commercialization.

We are already seeing the repercussions of this big money coming in. Early retirements and people just deserting home teams for more money. No patriotic spirit. Honestly, the players who are playing are only doing because of their home contracts and board regulations. Otherwise, everybody will just jump into it. Its too big an offer to leave.

Anyway, thinking positively, lets hope these new leagues help the game money-wise without losing its charm and traditions.